Yes, it’s true: Nexllence is part of the top 7% at!

2021 has been an incredible year! And November will be one of the most critical months of the year, and why? Because Nexllence joined Pangea as a software partner. This means that we have joined an elite community of the top 7% of software engineering companies and made us grow not only on our transparency but also as an organization that points to the future.

Nexllence journey through Pangea world

At Nexllence, we aim for two things: the Next step in technology and the Excellence of our internal processes. And this has always been one big concern regarding our internal development. And now, we are able to do this with our verified profile.

Let me tell you how we did it: first, we mapped our internal process - what is our business strategy, what about our culture, what technology are we incredible at, how our recruitment & HR team are behaving and, also very important, what about our project metrics.

Then we asked our team members to measure our team health: and it seems the pulse is strong! Also significant is our Clients experience, so we asked a few of them to contribute with their insights. And then, we documented our internal processes - check it on our profile!

We really learned a lot about ourselves and, sometimes, with all the daily-day business, we aren’t able to appreciate our progress. This really helped us to identify hot spots where to act and also whe amazing things we do and sometimes we don’t remember.



Nexllence is very honoured to be a member of the elite community at Pangea.

Valuable information for us

One of our biggest focuses is being an amazing place to work, and I’m not talking just about the workspace; I’m literally talking about the work environment and culture. And how amazing the feedback was! It is literally a pleasure to work in a place like Nexllence.

As a brand that wants to be on the top of the preference in Portugal, we are delighted to see that our team is satisfied and we work as a family. However, we also identified some points where we can improve and, guess what: it made us go further! To deliver the best we got to be the best (mostly for our people).

People need to be recognized and treated like unique. Because with this mindset, we can build a better culture, improve relationships and improve the way people act and feel. One thing that is also important is salary and that is something we will also pay attention to. 

"We strongly believe that, investing on our team personal and professional development, providing soft and hardskills challenges, we will obtain not only better raving fans but also more satisfied clients. It is “the circle of life” - David Faustino,Managing Director at Nexllence.

And what about clients. Despite having fantastic feedback for most of them, it is also known that we always have space for improvement. But this also shows us that satisfied clients mean amazing work from our people, which makes us so proud!

Over the last year, Nexllence set the foundation of a new era for all of us, adjusting and readjusting with experience, feedback and results. 

”Nexllence delivers high quality projects in a short time, wearing the client's skin and actively contributing to solve the client's business challenges. ” - André Vasconcelos, Product Owner at AMA.


                Nexllence AMA team in action on the client’s office.

“With great power comes great responsibility”

Being part of Pangea gives us a very good sense of “well-done journey” so far and the responsibility of claiming our percentage on this elite community. And guess what: challenge accepted!

Everything we will do will always be documented, and with it, we will have support for building success inside the community. This means: attracting the best talent, giving the best response possible to our clients and producing more and better.

Our commitment is to keep improving our score on and be always a perfect example of what is expected as a top 7% elite vendor! Buid and maintain the best reputation for us and with the best feedback from our clients.




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Diogo Silva

Diogo Silva

Manager | Microsoft + International Business

With over 7 years of management experience Diogo is a dreamer! He believes we only understand who we are when tested. And so it was during his youth. Wanted to test his limits, do more and different and try to make the impossible easier! Team work is, in his opinion the key to success because no leader achieves results without a great team. From his point of view, people should explore their best and work out their strengths. The motto is simple: "Believe in yourself!"