Nexllence wins CMMI accreditation for Agile Methodology

The accreditation obtained “CMMI - version 2.0, with extension of practices to agile methodology” results from a long and demanding path, but the Nexllence team successfully overcome the challenges.

We congratulate the entire Nexllence team for the dedication, commitment and professionalism shown throughout this project. And a special thanks to Pedro Ribeiro and Mécio Afonseca, whose total dedication allowed the evangelization of these good practices and their dissemination to the teams.

Nexllence's four-day AUDIT of CMMI - Capability Maturity Model Integration took place in mixed format (remotely and in person in Beloura) and was carried out by PROQUA, an independent supply chain training institute.

The CMMI is an Integrated Capacity and Maturity Model, that is, it is a model of implementation of practices, such as training, professional certifications, evaluations,amongothers, with the objective of achieving a pre-established goal, increasing organizational maturity and helping to achieve the results expected by the IT area.

Through this model, Nexllence is able to offer its customers a guarantee of compliance with deadlines and costs; better management of team activities and less dependence of the company with employees; continuous improvement; better distribution of tasks; greater control and transparency of projects; an increase in the quality of products; an improvement in team interaction and highlight ing the competition.

Several processes and a total of four projects were involved in this audit, and no situations were identified that would compromise the best practices required by the CMMI:

  • IT0701012000091 | Farminveste | Viver+
  • IT0601012000190 | A-to-B TCS | TCS Host Portal
  • IT070111800203 | Alliance Healthcare | MyAH
  • IT0701012100024 | BFP |SIG Platform Support  (CP.2021.0003.BPF)

The renewal of maturity level 3 accreditation in CMMI V2.0 indicates that the organization is operating at a "defined" level.At this level, processes are well characterized and understood and are described in standards, procedural tools and methods. The organization's standard set of processes, which is the basis for maturity level 3, is established and improved over time.


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