How will Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots transform ITSM and ESM?

As a result of the changes caused by the pandemic, digital transformation is happening much faster than expected. The management of services is in full evolution, due to the advances in the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the improvement of chatbot services.

According to recent research, more than 60% of organizations are already changing their mindset, increasing technological investment to prepare the business for the digital transformation we are living in.

In this way, business objectives and service management must accompany the rapid cultural and business change we are experiencing. As a result of these improvements, service management also needs to monitor changes in an agile way.

The importance of Artificial Intelligence to streamline organizations

One of the ways organizations have to become more agile and respond quickly to their users is through the use of  Applications with Artificial Intelligence capability

The use of AI will not only improve the operational efficiency and quality of the company's results. It will also free employees from the time invested in resolving more routine requests or incidents.

The application of AI has been maximizing the effective use of technology in the workplace and optimizing the flow of business.

In fact, organizations have begun to use Artificial Intelligence to achieve greater control and accelerate productivity. Integrating AI technology into IT service management (ITSM) will improve the way users engage in the process of responding to requests that come to them.

How does AI influence ITSM and ESM?

AI can improve the use of ITSM(Information Technology Service Management) and (Enterprise Service Management) - ESM practices in different ways. However, a simple and one that is within reach of organizations is through chatbots.

Using chatbots (AI-based) can begin by helping you manage or answer support questions. This support can be legal, human resources or IT, for example, freeing services into other situations.

The integration of chatbots into ITSM platforms is something that is already happening in many companies, revolutionizing the contact process. This solution allows you to satisfy users, eager for answers, through an application that provides them with a set of options for the reported situation.

The way to operate or communicate via chatbot makes the process less complicated and faster, improving the productivity of both those who report and who would respond.

5 Chatbot Benefits for ITSM and ESM

By integrating chatbots into your ITSM or ESM applications, organizations will have, among others, the following benefits:

  1. Decrease in the number of registrations and the cost per registration;
  2. Fewer calls and reduced duration;
  3. Improved response times;
  4. Reduction of operating costs;
  5. Increased employee productivity as they are freed from simpler records.



How does Chatbot contribute to Automation?

The potential that chatbots have to free up resources for other tasks will also be useful for automation. The ability that multiple chatbot solutions must be able to be associated with automation mechanisms helps automate the creation, or resolution, of multiple incidents or requests.

Combining automation with ITSM or ESM tools significantly reduces the work of identifying, triageing, and assigning incidents.

This will allow IT teams to focus on troubleshooting and implementing fixes.

The advantages of creating Intelligent Automation (combining Artificial Intelligence and Automation) are not restricted to IT. This combined solution is also awaited by other departments that provide services, such as Human Resources, Facilities, Financial or Legal Department.


Nexllence: In Enterprise Service Management Optimization

ESM is increasingly a driver of the transformation and modernization of organizations, because the evolution in this area allows companies to create user-centered automation processes, improving customer satisfaction rates, internal and external, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Nexllence has extensive experience in the implementation and optimization of service management processes (ESM and ITSM). In addition to the experienced team, we have reference partners who, through their applications, help us in the automation and improvement of the quality of service of our internal and external customers.




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