Data Monetization & Management: how to monetize your business most precious asset?

    Data is considered a precious asset, fundamental to any area of business. Nexllence ...
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    The role of Digitisation in the competitiveness of the Private Sector

    When we talk about digital transformation, or digitization, in any quadrant of activity, ...
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    A disruptive view on Artificial Intelligence in Data Analytics

    In the era of constant development in which we live, concepts such as Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis are increasingly present.

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    What is Digital Identity? Learn 7 Solutions for Digital Authentication

    The digitization of identity is the evolution that has facilitated the day-to-day life of ...
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    Low Code is a technology that brings programming closer to non-technical profiles

    The need for companies over the past year to adapt to the changes brought about by the ...
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    Increasing programming talent also depends on companies

    The latest figures from the Labour Force Survey show that employment in the ICT sector ...
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    5 strategies to optimize the use of AI in organizations

    In a changing scenario like the one we live in, Artificial Intelligence offers the ...
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    A new world order based on cryptocurrency

    David Faustino, Managing Director of Nexllence
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    Importance of Security Systems for Organizations

    The theme of organizational security is not always seen by companies with due ...
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