Delivery Models: The True Foundations of Software Development Projects

    Software development by IT services is now associated with several types of delivery ...
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    Technological Modernization in Public Administration

    Today, our habits are undergoing a huge change in adaptation to a new reality and ...
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    A disruptive view on Artificial Intelligence in Data Analytics

    In the era of constant development in which we live, concepts such as Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis are increasingly present.

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    Challenging the status quo: promoting a culture of entrepreneurship within the organization

    Organizations led by a "command and control" perspective belong to the past, even if they ...
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    "The most balanced cybersecurity perspective will be to work in parallel on two fronts"

    David Faustino, Managing Director of Nexllence, addresses the issue of cybersecurity and ...
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    Mechanisms for Digital Evolution: Business Models That Adapt to Change

    In 1836, a 27-year-old completed a 5-year sea voyage in the Azores to collect ...
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    Nexllence wants to hire 100 people throughout 2021

    Launched in late 2020, Nexllence, a brand created by Glintt, intends to hire 100 more ...
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    What is API Management and what are its advantages?

    To understand what API management is, wecan start byaddressing api definition. ...
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    Nexllence, the digital arm of Glintt lands in Spain

    Following the launch of its consulting and technology solutions division in Spain, the ...
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