Yes, it’s true: Nexllence is part of the top 7% at!

    2021 has been an incredible year! And November will be one of the most critical months of ...
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    How will Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots transform ITSM and ESM?

    As a result of the changes caused by the pandemic, digital transformation is happening ...
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    A disruptive view on Artificial Intelligence in Data Analytics

    In the era of constant development in which we live, concepts such as Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis are increasingly present.

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    Wanted Chief Data Officer: the keys to one of the professions of the future

    In the age of data, a person specialized in getting their best and best performance is ...
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    2021: DevSecOps Odyssey in Multi-Cloud

    Organizations in virtually every industry, both public and private, are using software ...
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    Internal and two-way communication, a huge untapped potential

    In a world of ever faster change and increasing competitiveness, it is a goal of any ...
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    Low Code: eliminating barriers to access to programming

    David Faustino, Managing Director of Nexllence
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    Software Quality: The Importance of Software Quality

    When we talk about quality in software,this concept of software quality,is not always ...
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    Creating more secure applications: 5 tips for developers

    The apps we all use, whether mobile, web or enterprise, are an entry point for ...
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